polarized light microscopy

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Since the first PLI-image was realized at TAORAD in 2008 using its MP1, numerous developments were realized hard- and software-wise together with strong partners, like the Jülich Institute of Neuroanatomy (INM-1) of Prof. Amunts and specially with the Fiber-Architecture-Group of Dr. Axer.

In 2010, the polarization microscope LMP1 was realized, which was a customized MP1 in order to allow the imaging of larger samples like human brain slices. Since, a quite impressive number of unstained brain slices of different species have been analysed, mainly by the “Fiber Architecture” research group at the Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine (INM-1, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany) and by several visiting scientific groups. 

In 2020, TAORAD will release the next generation of polarization microscopes. These new generation microscopes consist of four different microscopes: the MP2, the LMP2, LMP-3D and the LMP-3DA.

The LMP-3DAwill be the spearhead for the high-throughput and automated study of unstained whole brain slices, allowing for the in deep study of human brain architecture. Except for the MP2, Taorad implemented software-wise data-management strategies using hdf5-data containers, j-son based communication, etc.

For a short information, the following table represents some key-figures of our microscopes :