polarized light microscopy

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We develop and build polarized light microscopes

Polarized light microscopy is a relatively novel technology in the area of brain imaging and applied only by a few labs worldwide to study brain architecture at the micro-scale. The measured birefringent signals comprise entangled information on both spatial fiber orientation and the local fiber density at the scale of single neurones.

PLI-microscopy to study brain architecture

Polarized Light imaging (PLI) is the most powerful method to bridge the resolution gap of the mesoscale-world described by methods like DT-MRI-techniques with the nanoscale-world of high-end microscopic technologies like serial two-photon excitation (STP), electron microscopy (EM) or classical highest resolution microscopy. PLI also helps to position the micro connections described by the nanoscale-world with its limited spatial expansion within the context of entire brains. In this respect, a huge number of details generated by PLI are already at the base of numerous unexpected discoveries and many more are waiting to be discovered in the short future.

TAORAD CEO, Dr. Kurt Hoffmann