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Monday, 23 September, 2019
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Overview Applications

 Taorad's technology allows a diverse portfolio of application.

Diverse applications as buffer optimization in respect to biopharmaceutical drug formulation and protein crystallization, microcrystal detection, crystal quality analysis, up to the imaging of fiber-like structures of even large tissue sections are possible.

Taoarad's goal to design and realize high quality instruments, combining if necessary several technologies within a single instrument: 

  • birefringence analysis
  • static light scattering
  • dynamic light scattering
  • adequate software

This flexibility allows us to offer our customers a dedicated instrument, well tailored to adress specific customer needs: 

  • crystal quality analysis
  • identifying crystallization conditions and evaluate crystal quality
  • study protein interactions
  • determine hydrodynamic radiuses of particles in solution
  • detection of nucleation events
  • rational protein crystallization
  • crystallization process control
  • QC protein droplets
  • QC protein crystals
  • structural analysis of tissues
  • quality analysis of artificial tissues

The modularity of Taorads technologies allow us to provide you with individual solutions, optimized toward your applications and needs.