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Monday, 26 August, 2019
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Taorad provides you the necessary software to realize your experiments with Taorads instruments in a user convenient manner. In this respect, two main options exist:

  • minimal version: necessary to use the instrument for the analysises it is designed for,
  • custom designed software: additionally reflects your entire laboratory workflows.

MCapture and Image processing

MCapture is a software framework which automates the measurement
process of Taorad MP1/LMP1. It coordinates the movements of motors
which controls measurement position, focus and polarization angle,
with the camera. A user-friendly interface enables the user to manually
navigate the sample and make single measurement or to make fullsample scan.

The images stores rich information regarding to the sample and

Apart from main acquisition interface, MCapture Suite includes:

  • RowColCalculator which calculates appropriate number of rows and columns
    in a full sample scan, in order to satisfy the sample dimension and desired
    overlap between image tiles.
  • MCapture ImageViewer.


crysLAB and LIMS (laboratory information and management system)

Especially within the application of protein crystallization, there exist an extreme need to correlate the results of the experiments with the experimental conditions.

Taorads software crysLAB© reflects all the different steps of a crystallization experiments, starting with the stock management of the used chemicals, the management of stock and complex solutions, up to the final experiments within the crystallization plate.

Please feel free to enquire for an individual solution.