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Monday, 26 August, 2019
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Optimizing formulations of biopharnmaceutical products

Often, the formulation of a biopharmaceutical solution in respect to shelf life and product integrity/quality is not a trivial process. Here it is important to know the effect of buffer composition on your biopharmaceutical.

Taorad allows you to characterize these interactions for a large series of buffer composition using a database based automated screening approach.

In addition to the characterization of the influence of buffer composition to the solubility of your biopharmaceutical, you can also realize time series over longer time periods. This will allow you to study long term effects, e.g. the detection for a large portfolio of formulations of protein aggregates apearing over time. This information is is crucial to deliver your biopharmaceutical product in the best possible shape.

The throughout characterization of your production processes, even at the formulation level is in line with a real quality by design approach and will secure your heavy investments for bringing your biopharmaceuticals through your clinical studies and into the market.