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Monday, 26 August, 2019
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Light scattering

Different light scattering methods allow to study "label-free different properties of biological macromolecules, like their size distribution and there mutual interaction.

Taorad developed a proprietary system to allow the application of laser-light-scattering within screening processes, using tiny microdroplets as small as 400 nl. Actually, dynamic and static light scattering is realized using the same instrument and microplate.

Such developments became possible due to a consistent and integrated development of new optical systems, electronics, software and consumables.

Light scattering is used to characterize the quality of protein solutions and nanomaterials, and to characterize the interactions between them. Such information is of use to find suitable conditions for the crystallization of biolmolecules or to optimize formulations of biopharmaceuticals.



For further reading consult: WO2009003714.